Nasty Comments…

Yesterday I posted a photo of mine on as an entry into a competition they have running.  The competition goes by the name:

“Not Natural Anymore” (note that title).  The pic below shows the competition rules.  As you can see, it clearly tells the phototographer “capture something as your subject and change it”.

This photo comp seemed a good fit for me!

So I enter – as my favourite hobby is manipulating photos of mine I thought this would be right up my alley.

I sent in a photo taken in the courtyard of a French chateau we visited a couple of years ago.  The subject was a water tap (faucet in American!) which was old and shaped like the head of a dragon-like beast.  Here’s the shot I entered:

Not a drop

Well so far so good I thought…   The deal is that the competition is judged in a few days time, but until then other members on the site can review it and post their reviews in order to provide impartial guidance and assessment for the photographer.  All the reviews of photos I have posted on the site to date have been contructive criticism, so absolutely great and useful stuff.  But when I checked back an hour or so after posting the shot and found this nasty bitchy comment I wasn’t pleased…  You can also see my response to what she posted… due to the site rules, it was a little more restrained than I wanted to be…

Fanartreview comment system

Jerrica Comment...gggrrrr!

So what I actually felt like saying was:

Why don’t you learn to read, and then insert this ignorant review up your traditional, rigid, unimaginative, reactionary jacksie lady! (possibly with a bit of swearing thrown in for good measure…)

Phew – it’s good to VENT….:-)

Here are the other reviews…

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