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Hi this is my blog – for random thoughts and doings (well those that are repeatable…).  The BAD (or is it GOOD?) stuff is on my OTHER blog – no one gets the keys to THAT one!

Have you ever been sitting at your computer with tasks windmilling inside your brain so fast that you just can’t catch hold of them.. and when you do catch a fragment of the big idea, it seems to become instantly detached from that elusive brainwave scheme you had in mind, and you just can’t get any further forward?  In fact you can’t even remember why you wanted to do the task in the first place…

This is often a consequence of throwing far too much at your poor limited self  all at once.  You might have seen the demonstration where you are thrown a tennis ball, which you catch, then 2 tennis balls.. bit more difficult, then a whole SACK of tennis balls – no chance!  This is what you are trying to do to your brain when you try to try to get to grips with that latest  “Speed your way to instant success in 24 hours”  formula on top of all the other things. It’s no surprise at all, that in excess of 95% of people who sign up to “definitely” do it will fail.

I have been in complete overwhelm all my life.. no I’m not saying how many YEARS!  Some well known gurus tell me to FOCUS.  Easier said than done, and when you’re focussing madly then for one or other reason you just get STUCK, the frustration is very bad for a person with a grasshopper mind.  I leap from idea to idea, this is a natural process for me and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The downside of this leapfrog approach to life is the “start many things, but struggle to finish any” syndrome.

However with a bit of modification, this approach can be great – one positive is, if  I become stuck with a particular project or I’m finding things getting confused / struggling to make a decision / don’t understand an  essential process / become really annoyed with some idiot or other, then I can hop to the next water lily leaf and get to work on that.  This gives my brain a rest, so that when I hop back again I just might see things MUCH more clearly and speed past the roadblock which seemed so solid before.  And if not.. hey I probably forgot all about it anyway – pass the southern comfort someone…

Trying to Get SOMETHING Done…

Came across this when researching how to spend less than you earn on pointless stuff like shiny objects…  Of course I got sidetracked into the whole time management maze.  Some good stuff out there I found a few gems (dare I say “shining”….) amongst the vast wasteland of rubbish that afflicts vast tracts the internet these days.

Nicholas Caesar Corsellis A Decaying Legacy

Just back from a visit to Wivenhoe and couldn’t help thinking what a shame to see this lovely building on the old Cedrics Garage site in a sad state of decay.

Broken windows, rotting frames, leaking pipes, moss and damp…..  fixer upper anyone?  But sadly I expect it will be pulled down and another piece of old Wivenhoe will be no more.  Hope I’m wrong.


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